Candidates for DNC Delegate Pledged to Vice President Biden

Delegates to the 4th Congressional District Democratic Convention Delegates who caucus for Vice President Joe Biden will vote to elect four Democratic National Convention Delegates pledged to Vice President Biden.


Douglas Berger (Franklin)

I have served as both a Clinton and as an Obama delegate. I can help unify the party behind Biden's candidacy because of this prior convention experience. I also have the grassroots and electoral experience that will enable me to help Biden leave Milwaukee with a unified party. I have served as a precinct chair, a vice-chair of the county party, a county representative on the SEC, a congressional district chair and currently serve as a county chair for the Senior Democrats. I also served 8 years as a state senator representing both Granville and Franklin Counties. I have strong ties to both the rural and urban areas of the district. I earned undergraduate and law degrees from UNC. I currently serve as a workers' compensation attorney with the largest plaintiff's firm in Durham County. As a workers' compensation judge, I held court in Wake, Chatham, Vance, Orange, and Durham Counties.


Alicia Biel (Wake)

Joe Biden is the candidate that can unite the nation and defeat Donald Trump. Joe Biden has the background and intelligence to lead this nation with dignity and compassion and make decisions, we as a nation can be proud of. As a current college student and future educator I trust that Joe Biden will put money into our schools and be a President my future students can look up to. I am not happy with how our country looks right now and I am scared of the future if we have four more years of the current administration. I truly believe that Joe Biden is the most qualified and the best person to represent the Democratic Party and it would be an honor to represent Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention.


Sharon Brown (Orange)

We are in an environment that we’ve never found ourselves in before in our lifetimes. The current pandemic has exponentially brought home to us needs that are reflective of the key issues that should be important for every American: an environment that is clean in which to live and transfer to the next generation; an environment where all can have access to good health care; and a safe environment free of fear from tragic deaths due to unlawful gun sales and ownership. These needs will be recognized and sought for by our presumptive presidential candidate candidate, Joe Biden. He’s principled and a man of integrity with a rich history of leading both nationally and internationally. I would appreciate the honor of representing my home state in the selection of our next president of the US, a man whose actions will make us proud Americans again!


Betsy Burke (Orange)

I seek to be a delegate because I’m committed to putting Biden in the WH, along with gaining more Democratic seats for NC. To date, I’ve spent months engaged with door-to-door canvassing, voter registration, phone banks, early Primary voting, as well as County-to-County and Orange County meetings. I’m a vice-chair for my local precinct. Presently, I’m particularly interested in absentee voting preparation for November. I support Biden because I believe, as his popularity in primaries shows: he’s a unifying force who has a proven record as a leader and a collaborator. Biden’s values and empathy epitomize the Party. I’m a strong proponent of transparency, justice, and opportunity for all. For 30 years-plus, I was privileged to be an attorney in the U.S. Justice Department but limited by the most restrictive portions of the Hatch Act. I understand government workings. Now I’m retired and want to contribute fully in the campaign process.


Nervahna Crew (Wake)

My name is Nervahna Crew and I am seeking your vote to the DNC as a pledged Biden Delegate. I was raised in Wilmington, Delaware and I have followed Biden’s career for over 20+ years from being my US Senator to becoming our Vice President of the United States. I have been a prominent volunteer on his Presidential Campaign having phone banked for the Iowa Caucus and assisted with his October Durham Rally and February Raleigh Rally. I was afforded the opportunity to be an Elected Official Endorser and Biden Campaign Surrogate. I have represented his campaign thus far with great pride and dignity. I will work tirelessly to ensure we elect Joe Biden to become our next President! It would be an honor to represent the 4th Congressional District as a Biden delegate to the DNC as this is would mean the world to me and my family.


Deidre Crosby-Stevenson (Wake)

I want to be able to witness a tremendous opportunity for the future of our country. I want to help make a positive impact on the future of our country.


Marsha Davenport (Orange)

I moved to this district in NC with my partner in 1982 to train in pediatrics and have lived here ever since, spending my career as a pediatric endocrinologist caring for children, teaching and researching at UNC. In the early 2000s, as a white same-sex couple, we adopted two infants from Guatemala. These life choices together with my long-standing interest in equality and preservation of earth’s grandeur, dictate my support for the Democratic Party in general, and Joe Biden specifically. I want to represent Joe Biden because my hope for America firmly rests on his election. With Joe Biden, we have our best chance to revive our State Department and regain our respect and leadership role in the world. With him, we also know that the presidential branch will be run with decency and that policy will be informed by science and concern for preserving the world.


Valerie Foushee (Orange)

I support Vice President Biden because I believe that he has the vision, experience, compassion and leadership qualities to lead our country at this difficult time. I further believe that as a pragmatist, he will guide with a steady hand and unite our party and our country. Access to affordable healthcare for all of America's citizens is one of our most pressing issues today - even before the COVID-19 crisis; VP Biden has a plan to strengthen the Affordable Care Act while supporting a public option. His education plan includes universal pre-K and free community college. Additionally, he has extensive experience in foreign policy. He recognizes that climate change is real and will be guided by the experts and SCIENCE. I believe a Biden administration will restore respect and credibility, strengthen our democracy and restore our position on the world stage.


Megh Freeland (Orange)


Matt Hughes (Orange)

As your NCDP Second Vice Chair and a member of Joe’s NC Leadership Council, I would be honored to represent North Carolina and Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention. Joe Biden represents the very best America has to offer when we commit ourselves to a lifetime of public service. Like Joe I’ve experienced my own adversity, including a speech impediment. He’s someone that when he gets knocked down he gets back up more determined than ever to make a difference. That’s the type of person I want to lead this country and to heal the partisan divide. I’ve committed myself to a lifetime of public service to help those have faced adversity and great challenge, but unlike me didn’t get as lucky. I believe Joe will be a president for everyone, especially those who are struggling and striving for a better and fairer shake in our country.


Richard Kohn (Durham)

I want to champion Joe Biden because he represents classic American values: honesty, integrity, fairness, freedom, diversity, inclusiveness, and excellence; because he will unite our party, win the presidency, win a Senate majority and Democratic successes all down the ballot; and because he can unite us, making bigotry and divisiveness unacceptable. He will increase jobs, raise wages, improve education, address climate change, assure voting rights, make taxes fairer, and reform criminal justice. He will recruit the best people to government, and base policy on facts and science. He will restore respect for our country internationally, and pursue international peace, health, justice, and democracy while promoting our national interests. Above all, he will restore civility and effectiveness to our government. He is a decent person who will inspire us to be and do our best, make us proud again of being Americans, and give us hope for the future.


Thomas Link (Orange)

My grandfather, father and I have all served as the Eno Precinct Democratic Chair of Orange County NC going back to the 1940s. Our family has lived continuously in Eno Precinct since 1754 farming with family and neighbors, black and white, and knows the importance of “helping each other” through all kinds of circumstances. Not since FDR and the Great Depression have Americans faced a future as uncertain as ours is now. Obama and Biden inherited the greatest financial disaster since FDR when they went into the White House together, and they brought the economy back from the brink. They gave Americans Affordable Health Care for the first time in history. They strengthened rights for those discriminated against because of color, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation and poverty. Biden was there then in that fight, and he knows how to win the fight we’re in now, hitting the ground running.


Matthew Martin (Durham)

It is my belief that we need people that will bring each other back into the fold of what America really is. A country that is not only tolerant of our own different cultures but about giving acceptance and welcome towards new cultures as well. I myself work within a local government, though I will be the first to admit that I am not high in the chain of command. I have learned what people want from their governments, what they are given, and what they need. As a Democrat, I want my fellow neighbors to be secure in their wants and needs. If I can give that, then at the end of the day I can say I did my job. And this is why I will vote and support Joe Biden. For he represents my wants and needs.


Jack Morningstar (Orange)

Hi everyone! My name is Jack Morningstar. I'm a current sophomore at UNC and serve as treasurer of Young Dems. My main imperative in choosing a nominee is to identify someone who is capable of beating Trump and restoring the dignity that we've lost over the four years of his reign. I believe Joe Biden has the decency and experience to do that. The former vice president has spent his entire career bringing people together and getting things done—and most importantly he has the type of healing energy we need to address a deeply divided country. To be blunt, I'm tired of going to bed wondering if the president is going to tweet our way to war in the middle of the night; I'm tired of watching our international reputation disintegrate in real time; and I'm tired of seeing Trump's disastrous policies wreak havoc across America. It's time for change.


Jan Nichols (Chatham)

I am a proud, progressive Democrat. I’ve worked at many levels in the Democratic Party, starting as a precinct volunteer and doing what was needed to elect Democrats. From there I became a precinct chair and then served four terms as County Chair. I’ve strived to build a more inclusive Party; employ technology efficiently; and educate and empower voters. These efforts have helped our county achieve one of the highest voter turnout rates in North Carolina. Attending the convention where we make Joe Biden’s candidacy official will provide me with resources and strategies to help us elect every Democrat on the ballot in November. We must do everything possible to reclaim our state and country from the reactionary forces that have co-opted our Democracy. After the decade of fighting for our values and our candidates, I ask you to let me represent North Carolina as a delegate for Joe Biden


Lee Patterson (Durham)

I am an "early adopter" of Joe Biden who supported him from the day he announced. I don't just think that President Trump is wrong for America (though of course he is), I think that Joe Biden is RIGHT for America, especially in this moment. He is a levelheaded, experienced, empathetic and deeply compassionate leader and it would be the honor of a lifetime to cast my vote for him at the Convention.


Jeremiah Pierce (Wake)

My name is Jeremiah Pierce. I ask for your vote to the DNC as a pledged Biden Delegate. I am a lifelong Wake County Democrat, husband, father of 3, hard worker, and a community volunteer. I recently ran an (unsuccessful) campaign for Wake County Commissioner. I have been working since I was 12 years old to help pay the bills in my family. I am a first-generation college student. In contrast to the most corrupt and unqualified “president” in American history, Joe Biden has the experience and the ability to reach across the aisle to unite our country. I believe Biden can attract Democrats and Trump-weary Republicans. I want to help Vice President Biden reach out to Democrats of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs.


Brenda Pollard (Durham)

I’m asking for your vote to represent CD 4 at the 2020 National Convention. I’m a lifelong Democrat who has worked at the County, State, and National levels of the Democratic Party. Your vote will help me elect our Democratic nominee for President of the United States - Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a man who has the values and experience to restore trust, honor, and integrity to the office of President. We share core values, taught to me by my parents: trust in God, work hard, and love my neighbors. Joe Biden comes from a working class background, and he has never forgotten his roots. In the US Senate, he championed many pieces of legislation directly helping working Americans. He and I will not flinch from helping Americans face and defeat any crisis. Thank you for considering me as your delegate to the DNC. God bless America!


Jirns Redmond (Franklin)


Rebecca Rosenbaum (Orange)

Voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 Election is not enough. We need to inspire citizens in North Carolina and across the country to stand up for what is right. This election comes down to putting people first – our civil, social, economic, healthcare, and environmental rights all depend on it. We need to elect Democrats up and down the ballot to create a more just and equitable society. We need to build the country we always hoped America could be. I am hopeful for our future, and that is why I want to become your Delegate for NC-4 and send Joe Biden to the White House. I want to engage our community to participate in shaping the country and making it a better place for everyone. The United States can reclaim its place as a beacon of hope for the world, and alongside Joe Biden, we can make it happen.


Laura Schanberg (Orange)

I have been politically active canvassing, registering folks to vote, preventing voter suppression and raising money for candidates since before I was old enough to vote, but have never before run as a delegate. As a graduate of the local public schools and a pediatric arthritis doctor at Duke, I am interested in bringing my local community commitment to bear on national politics. Too many children go without medical care because of no insurance and rely on public school provided nutrition. I believe that Vice President Biden can take back the White House and lead a democratic sweep in NC. I pledge to use the national convention to become better educated on how to best influence the general election campaign here in NC and I am fully committed to following through until November.


Katrina Schwartz (Orange)


James Taperek (Wake)


Mike Woodard (Durham)


Kenneth Woods (Orange)

I, Kenneth Woods a life long Democrat residing in the fourth district in Orange County, NC. For many years I have wanted to attend a Democratic National Convention. I was a supporter of Vice President Joe Biden before he entered the Democratic presidential race. My heart tells me he can and will defeat Donald John Trump. I want to be part of this great victory. Vice President Biden is everything Donald Trump is not. The Vice President is a man with character, a man with morality, a decent and caring man. Vice President Biden will put country ahead of his personal gain, his cabinet will be a reflection of America. Under the Trump Administration America has lost respect around the world, the Biden Administration will gain the lost respect. I have and will continue to support, campaign and do everything in my power to make sure Vice President Biden becomes PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN.




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