Candidates for Presidential Elector

All delegates to the 4th Congressional District Democratic Convention will have the opportunity to vote to elect the Democratic Presidential Elector from the 4th Congressional District.


Fatimah Hickman (Durham)

I have a genuine faith in our democratic process and it’s arc towards Inclusivity, Justice and Service to All the citizens and neighbors that make up our community. I want to represent my district to give some voice to my fellow North Carolinians who feel unseen, unheard and discounted even in times prior to the COVID-19 Crisis. This is my first step to making certain we exercise our democratic agency here in NC’s 4th and demonstrate our community’s commitment to select a strong leader invested in serving The People in our district. I would be honored to represent my community as Presidential Elector for North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District and would appreciate the opportunity to serve.


Tanya Wells (Orange)

The possibility of being an elector for the state of North Carolina enlivens me. The mere opportunity to be a candidate demonstrates the desire for equity in politics and fills me with hope for the future of our nation. As a multi-racial woman who strives to secure a better life for my family, I'm able to identify with many of the constituents who rarely have a voice in politics. It is important to have a true representation of our states' racial and economically diverse constituents during a time when the decisions made by the Electoral College are vital in deciding who will lead our nation. At this pivotal moment, we can push further for equity by electing more diversity into politics rather than maintaining the status quo. It would be my great honor and privilege to represent the people of North Carolina as a member of the Democratic Electoral College.




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