Candidates for DNC Delegate Pledged to Senator Sanders

Delegates to the 4th Congressional District Democratic Convention Delegates who caucus for Senator Bernie Sanders will vote to elect three Democratic National Convention Delegates pledged to Senator Sanders.


Heather Ahn-Redding (Orange)

I believe that Bernie Sanders stands for the progressive policies needed for sustained reform in our nation. Injustices, inequities, and institutionalized racism are widespread, and meaningful change won’t occur without grassroots movements and progressive policies. The Sanders platform is about empowering communities, about lifting up the voices and agency of the most vulnerable, and about putting equity ahead of political pursuit. Centrism and mainstream liberal policies fall short of the restructuring we need if we truly want an equitable nation. Healthcare for all, living wages, affordable housing, corporate accountability, public education, LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, immigrant/migrant rights, and criminal justice reform are just a few of the critical policy areas that Sanders is working towards. He has consistently advocated for the changes fundamental to establishing a truly equitable and just county, and for those reasons, I would be honored to represent him at the DNC.


Nida Allam (Durham)


Beth Bronson (Orange)


Rebecca Cerese (Orange)

I supported Senator Sanders in 2016, and I volunteered for his campaign in 2019/2020 because the progressive policies he has championed his whole life are at the core of my activism and advocacy work. While serving as president of the Progressives Democrats of Orange County, we have focused on building support for the policies we believe will improve the lives of all people, like Medicare For All, Green New Deal, Criminal Justice reform, and more. I am also the co-lead of Healthcare For All, Y'all a group dedicated to educating and activating people to support Medicare For All. I will go to the convention ready to fight for these progressive policies and make sure our voices are heard loud and clear at the convention.


Eric Chen (Orange)

I would be honored to be a delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders because our movement is both long overdue and yet right on time in this critical moment in human civilization. I am just one of the many millions of people who were inspired to get politically engaged in ways I never imagined because Bernie connected us and empowered us to fight for people we don't even know. Bernie's platform is not only a winning one politically, but it is also a moral imperative to provide health care, adequate housing, and social, economic, and climate justice to every person as basic human rights. I will fight tirelessly for our movement's progressive platform because this is how we finally build an unstoppable and truly diverse coalition that energizes and engages the working class to transform the Democratic Party and the entire political system. We are the Political Revolution. Not Me. Us.


Zachary Feder (Durham)


Damien Gu (Wake)

As one of Bernie Sanders’s most dedicated supporters, I will faithfully represent Bernie and passionately fight for his progressive platform at the Democratic National Convention. Some of my achievements over the past six months volunteering include creating the North Carolina For Bernie Facebook Page (4,000+ followers) and its corresponding group (1,800+ members), and sending over 2.6 million textbanking texts which was 1% of the campaign’s total texts. As a Bernie Victory Captain, I hosted 40+ events, volunteered at 3 rallies and Bernie Journeyed to SC twice. Also, not only did I donate the maximum $2,800, but I raised over an additional $60,000 through my own ActBlue fundraising pages for Bernie Sanders and AOC. As a token of appreciation, the Bernie campaign mailed me a one-of-a-kind Bernie lapel pin for being a loyal supporter. More information about me is available at


Lauren Hill (Orange)

I've been supporting Bernie's presidential campaign since 2015, and I've made deeper commitments since 2019. I want to represent Bernie's values and the platform he ran on at the Democratic National Convention. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has demonstrated to the public that healthcare is a human right, and essential workers deserve the right to unionize and make workplace demands. Leading up to Super Tuesday my partner Eric and I launched canvassing shifts from our home during which dozens of Bernie volunteers shared their personal stories about why this campaign mattered to them. I will take the urgency of our moment and those stories of my neighbors with me to the convention to represent Bernie.


Narissa Jimenez-Petchumrus (Durham)

I would like to represent not just Bernie Sanders, but young progressives all across this nation who are beginning to ascend to political involvement. My hope is that my presence as a young, queer person of color in the political process can inspire others that look like me to participate and have their voices heard.


Hannah Kays (Durham)


Joshua Levenson (Orange)


Sandra Lynch (Orange)

After over 40 years campaigning for Democrats at every level of government, I feel Bernie best represents the needs of the moment with integrity, urgency, and leadership! I trust Bernie to help lead a movement that pulls from all parts of our democracy; young and old, privileged and marginalized, black and white (and all races). Bernie brings a lifetime of devotion to justice and a true vision for a more equitable and humane America. As a mother, I trust my children’s future as American and as global citizens to Senator Sanders.


Elliot Mamet (Durham)

Being a delegate for Senator Sanders would be an enormous privilege. I want to be a delegate for his campaign because I'm so inspired by his vision—of Not Me, Us, unifying a country that works for all people, not just the rich and powerful, ending our endless wars, reforming our criminal justice system, and ensuring racial and economic justice for all people. Senator Sander's ideas and commitments are inspiring and vitally important for society. As a young person, a student (I am a PhD candidate in political science at Duke), and an engaged citizen in my local community, it would be a pleasure to be a delegate for Senator Sanders at the Democratic National Convention this summer.


Italo Medelius (Durham)

As a first-generation immigrant, I’ve witnessed my dad’s deportation, dealt with fervent racism and homophobia, and surpassed the economic hardships that family separations cause working families. Our President was elected off the demonization of Latino people: enough is enough. We need a people-powered party to defeat the most negative aspects of our failing political system: racism, classism, and the idolatry of money. We need to be a Democratic Party that acknowledges the immorality of allowing the health insurance industry to make billions off of disease; mobilizes about Trans Americans’ alarming rates in which they are murdered, live in poverty, and are arrested for nonviolent “morality crimes”; closes off its pockets to big money and democratically funds operations; and commits to radically shifting our economy from benefiting the corporation to benefiting Us. As a delegate to the 2020 DNC Convention, I will unequivocally push an agenda of the People, not Wall Street.


Cassandra Saroza (Durham)


Whitney Skillen (Durham)


Sammy Slade (Orange)

I want to be a delegate for Bernie Sanders because, as in 2016, Trump’s awfulness alone is not sufficient to guarantee his defeat. It is clear that 4 more years of Trump would compound the existential threat that his presidency already is. For Biden to beat Trump he will need the backing and energy of the Sanders/Warren wing of the party who reflect what a majority in our country want; and for that to happen there needs to be credible concessions on crucial platform issues, such as healthcare as a human right, student debt, immigration reform, institutional racism, the climate emergency, economic justice and much more. As a bi-cultural (Colombian) and seasoned town council member for Carrboro, I will bring some diversity in perspective and experience in representation to the national convention if elected. I hope that I can count on your vote!!


Latarndra Strong (Orange)


Disha Subramaniam (Durham)


Jane Tigar (Orange)

Bernie Sanders has generated so many great ideas, many of which once seemed impossible and now are accepted as basic norms for a decent society -- for example, the $15 dollar living minimum wage. I would like to keep Bernie's ideas alive -- Medicare for All, Taxing the 1 percent, for example -- as our party creates and refines its platform. So many of the ideas and principles Bernie has promoted and that inspired this grass roots movement in his name are essential to ousting Trump in November. I am fully committed to supporting our presidential nominee, Joe Biden. We must get Trump and his entourage out of the White House. I have been a Democrat for more than 40 years. As a person inspired by Bernie, I believe we must motivate all the people Bernie inspired -- many of whom are new and younger voters -- and assure them that the Democratic Party is their home.


Aleksandar Trivanovic (Orange)

My name is Aleksandar Trivanovic, I’m a 19 year old student at UNC-Chapel Hill, and I’m running to be one of District 4’s Delegates for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Convention. I am running because I know that Senator Sanders upholds the mission statement of the NC Democratic Party to the fullest: fighting to ensure that all have a fair shot at a good life, regardless of their background, where they came from, what they’re worth, or who they love. Bernie has fought for the little man his entire career. He has proven that he can connect and build trust across race, class, and party lines. Bernie has also garnered the most youth support of any candidate in years and his movement will usher in the next generation of leaders, of which I am a part of, seeking to be a member of the first class of Gen-Z Delegates.


Randolph Voller (Chatham)

I have no doubt that all of the candidates to be a delegate for Senator Sanders would represent him well in Milwaukee. We are blessed in that regard. I was a delegate for him in 2016 and I have knowledge of how the Democratic Party works that can effectively communicate his platform and achieve results. I have served as the Mayor of Pittsboro, a county chair, a congressional district chair, the state party chair and a member of the platform and resolutions committee. In addition, I am currently the President of the Labor Caucus and serve on the Executive Council for the NCDP. I originally worked with Senator Sanders to host him in 2014 in Raleigh with the College Democrats at NC State and later at Pullen Baptist when he was touring the South and speaking to issues that impact young people, the working class, the working poor and the middle class. I respectfully ask for your support to be a delegate for Sen. Sanders in Milwaukee.




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