Candidates for DNC Delegate Pledged to Senator Warren

Delegates to the 4th Congressional District Democratic Convention Delegates who caucus for Senator Elizabeth Warren will vote to elect two Democratic National Convention Delegates pledged to Senator Warren.


Allison Akers (Granville)

My name is Allison Akers, I'm 18 years old, and a high school senior; this fall, I’m attending Appalachian State. I am proud to have cast my first vote for my hero and inspiration, Elizabeth Warren. Warren has been a fighter for the people, and her plans to combat the climate crisis, raise the minimum wage, make healthcare and education obtainable, ensure rights for the disabled community, strengthen gun control, and so much more, will transform America. I am the best candidate because, like Senator Warren, I am passionate about my community, work tirelessly, am always seeking a solution, and because I listen. I represent the youth voice in North Carolina. My qualifications include: President of the North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats, NCDP Intern, volunteer for the Elizabeth Warren campaign, member of high school Gay-Straight Alliance, over 1000+ hours of community service, and more. Ensure the progressive voice is heard at the DNC!


Brian Fitzsimmons (Wake)


Michael Mills (Wake)


Carl Newman (Durham)

Durham is a progressive beacon for North Carolina and the nation. I want to represent Senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign at the convention on behalf of the 4th Congressional District to bring a progressive voice, energy, and ideas to the national convention just as Senator Warren has to our party.


Julie Pomerantz (Franklin)


Dov Rosenberg (Durham)


Gregory Swan (Durham)

As a millennial in the LGBTQ community, I want to show my support for Elizabeth Warren because I am a Warren Democrat. I believe that as we take control of the white house and senate, which we must, the path forward will be Warren's progressive model. Though not the leader in pledged delegates, I am proud of the opportunity to acknowledge the effort of her volunteers, her plans, and her fight by pledging a vote for team Warren. I do not regret my volunteering, my donations, and my belief for/in her campaign.


Ebony West (Durham)

My name is Ebony West and I’m running to be a 4th District delegate for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I supported Senator Warren in the primary because she has long been a steady voice for progressive ideas and has offered community-informed policy solutions that are practical. She is someone who listens to those often left out or disregarded in our political system. In addition, Senator Warren has long shown her care and persistence in fighting for issues I, as a queer, black woman, care deeply about, including black and brown lives and issues, LGBTQ+ rights, health care access, reproductive justice, student loan reform, and economic justice for all. 

As a North Carolina native, my family instilled in me at an early age the value of activism and the power of my voice. They taught me to advocate for myself and others in times of injustice. These values led me to serve as 1st Vice-Chair of the Durham County Democratic Party, serve the NC Democratic Party as a State Executive Committee and Council member, represent NC as one of its youngest DNC Delegates in 2016, serve as a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the 2013 voter suppression bills, and lead the Young Democrats of North Carolina, as its first and only black, woman President in the organization's 90-year history. I will continue to fight for the big, structural change that Senator Warren - and those that support her - dream about. This movement is much bigger than Senator Warren - and it must be fueled and continued by the people. I want to continue to anchor this vision in our Party - and I hope I can count on your support at our District Convention.




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