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The 4th Congressional District

The 4th Congressional District is anchored in the Research Triangle region of Central North Carolina. The district includes all of Durham, Franklin, Granville, and Orange counties and portions of Chatham, Vance, and Wake counties.

Democratic Congressman David Price has represented the 4th Congressional District in its varying forms since 1987, with a brief hiatus between 1995-1997.


Learn more about the work of the Democratic leaders of the various counties within the 4th Congressional District and connect with your local County Democratic Executive Committee.

Chatham County

Liz Guinan, Chair

Durham County

David Dixon, Chair

Franklin County

Gary Evans, Chair

Granville County

LaHoma Romocki, Chair

Orange County

Jonah Garson, Chair

Vance County

Marcia Allen, Chair

Wake County

Kevyn Creech, Chair


Bobbie Richardson, Chair

The District: Clients
2019 ENACTED Remedial NC Congressional D


The North Carolina General Assembly enacted the current congressional district plan on November 15, 2019, following a state court ruling that found the now-former plan to exhibit “extreme partisan gerrymandering... contrary to the fundamental right of North Carolina citizens to have elections conducted freely and honestly to ascertain, fairly and truthfully, the will of the people.”

The former plan was drawn to create ten safe Republican districts and three safe Democratic districts. This current plan cut that Republican advantage down to eight fairly safe Republican districts and five safe Democratic districts, despite a nearly even split between Democratic and Republican votes in the statewide popular count.

The General Assembly is scheduled to redraw the congressional district plan again in 2021, in accordance with the constitutionally-mandated process of maintaining equal representation following each decennial census. With majorities in both the state House of Representatives and state Senate, Republicans are set to control the congressional redistricting process yet again.

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