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Executive Committee Completes Operational Reorganization

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The 4th Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee recently completed operational reorganization in response to court ordered congressional redistricting.

On October 28, 2019, a three-judge panel from North Carolina state Superior Court entered a preliminary injunction baring the state from conducting the upcoming 2020 congressional elections under the existing congressional district map. In the order, the court found that the districts showed signs of "extreme partisan gerrymandering... contrary to the fundamental right of North Carolina citizens to have elections conducted freely and honestly to ascertain, fairly and truthfully, the will of the people.”

In response to the preliminary injunction, the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly reconvened to hastily redraw the state's 13 congressional districts. The 4th Congressional District was redrawn to include all of Durham, Franklin, Granville, and Orange counties, central and eastern Chatham County, northern Wake County, and southern Vance County. The redrawn 4th Congressional District is considered a Democratic-leaning district.

On December 19, 2019, the North Carolina Democratic Party formally adopted the remedial congressional district map for organizational and operational purposes, effective as of January 1, 2020.

On February 8, 2020, the 4th Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee convened to initiate operational reorganization, to reflect the redrawn 4th Congressional District. Through this process, the 4th Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee welcomed new representatives from Chatham, Durham, Franklin, and Granville counties, new members from the North Carolina Democratic Party State Executive Committee, and new members from among the membership of the Democratic National Committee. Operational reorganization also included the election of Jesse Goslen of Franklin County as District Chair and Mal Watlington of Durham County as District Treasurer. Ryan Jenkins of Durham County resigned his position as District Secretary to seek election to the vacant office of District 3rd Vice Chair at a future meeting.

On March 7, 2020, the 4th Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee reconvened to resume its preparations for the upcoming 4th Congressional District Democratic Convention and address the remaining redistricting-related vacancies among the officers of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee elected Ryan Jenkins to serve as District 3rd Vice Chair and Stephanie Goslen to serve as District Secretary. The Executive Committee also welcomed the appointment of David Harris to serve as District Chair for Minority Affairs.

With operational reorganization complete, the Executive Committee is now led by a full team of officers, including: District Chair Jesse Goslen of Franklin County, District 1st Vice Chair Andrew Havens of Orange County, District 2nd Vice Chair LaManda Pryor of Durham County, District 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Jenkins of Durham County, District Secretary Stephanie Goslen of Franklin County, District Treasurer Mal Watlington of Durham County, and District Chair for Minority Affairs David Harris of Durham County.

The Executive Committee is awaiting the pending election of representatives from Vance and Wake counties.


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