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NCDP Platform Open for Comment

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The North Carolina Democratic Party is actively engaged in an extensive rewrite of its public policy platform. The North Carolina Democratic Party Platform and Resolutions Committee recently released a draft report on this exhaustive platform rewrite. The draft platform report is considered the most progressive in the history of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

The draft platform report advocates for efficient and ethical government, increased investment in public education, broad expansion of accessible and affordable health care, full eradication poverty and homelessness, comprehensive reform of the state tax code, protection of our natural environment and protection of ecological diversity, and a more equitable criminal justice system. The draft platform also notes specific emphasis on various progressive issues, including: gun safety reform, universal pre-K education, reforms to the cash bail system, decriminalizaiton of marijuana, Medicaid expansion, prohibition on offshore drilling and hydraulic fracturing, collective bargaining by public and private sector unions, and $15.00 hourly minimum wage, among many other issues.

The North Carolina Democratic Party is actively accepting comments to the draft platform report. The Platform and Resolutions Committee is considering revisions to the draft platform from now through the mid May. Interested parties may review the draft platform report and submit comments here.


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